Demos and B-Sides

Demos and B-Sides is exactly what it sounds like! Stories and information that didn't quite fit in our big book - Soundtrack of Our Youth. Once that beast started teetering on 500 pages, we knew we needed to make a second book. Demos and B-Sides has more "fun" information and is a much lighter read. The coolest story is probably our unveiling of the first official Hair Metal Music Hall of Fame.

Stories from the book include:

*Hall of Fame


*Most Underrated Bands


*Most Underrated Songs


*Billboard Chart History


*Current Bands Kicking Ass


*Top Songs and Albums of the 2000s


*And interviews with Chad Cherry of The Last Vegas, Alexx Michael of Shameless and the band Love Razer.


*A list of music sites and Facebook pages dedicated to Hair Metal


*Fan stories and pictures!!!

We hope to publish Demos and B-Sides in the next week or so.

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