We interviewed 55 stars of the hair metal / hard rock / sleaze band music era. All the interviews are fully published in the two books we are releasing - Soundtrack of Our Youth and Demos and B-Sides.


Several superstars went out of their way to share their valuable time with me. Guys like Jeff Pilson, Mark Kendall, Jay Jay French, Ted Poley, Mark Knight and Mike Tramp went above and beyond what they needed to do for an interview request. I’m still in awe that I got to interview Joey Allen from Warrant. I hate to single anybody out because more than 50 musicians blessed me with interviews. I owe SO MUCH to them all. I cannot thank these guys enough.


I do have to give a really big shout out to Drew Fortier of Bang Tango and Zen From Mars. Drew is also an actor, documentary maker and book writer. He has recently released his autobiography “Dark, Depressing and Hilarious.” I highly suggest you purchase it. It’s not listed in our “books chapter” but that’s only because we were past our publishing deadline when Drew’s fantastic book was released.


Fortier took the time from his extremely busy schedule to answer question after question after question…..and then a week later, ten more questions! As a writer, musician, and documentarian, he is a wealth of knowledge and was always willing to answer all my questions and give me advice on what I needed to do to get this book finished an online.  THANK YOU DREW – you rock, bro.


I contacted approximately 500 musicians. I sent messages to every band you could think of from the genre. From Def Leppard down to The Blonz. I sent messages to their management, official websites, their labels, and to all their social media pages. Overkill for sure – but I wanted to be as aggressive as possible to get as many interviews as I could. Of those 500 requests, approximately 150 responded that they would do an interview. The other 350 simply ignored the request – which is fine, I get it. I’m a “nobody” in the music world, with an unknown project. It’s not like I’m representing Rolling Stone or the LA Times.


Only a handful of people flat out rejected our request. Sebastian Bach declined, saying it was an embarrassment to include him in the Hair Metal genre. That stung a little, as Bach is one of our favorite singers of all time. Zoltan Chaney told me “you’ve got the wrong guy”….even though he drums for Mark Slaughter and Vince Neil. And he is the guy who goes berserk with all the over-the-top crazy moves from the kit.  Steven Adler’s manager told us he wasn’t currently doing interviews…and then I saw like 10 interviews by Adler over the following month.  But I do respect those artists for having the decency to tell me they weren’t interest. That was cool of them.


Ron Thal – aka: Bumblefoot – sent me the nicest rejection letter you could imagine. Thanked me for the request, said he was taking a break from interviews for a bit, and wished me the best of luck with my project and wished me a Happy Easter as well. Pure class act and a super nice guy.


So if you are disappointed that nobody from your favorite band was included in this interview section, I do apologize. But it wasn’t for lack of effort. I tried to get them! Below are the musicians who were amazing enough to bless us with their thoughts and opinions. We are eternally grateful to them all.

Billy Sheehan – Mr. Big

Jeff Pilson - Dokken

Mike Tramp – White Lion

Jay Jay French – Twisted Sister

Steve Lynch - Autograph

Alex Grossi -  Quiet Riot, Hookers & Blow

Anthony Corder – Tora Tora

Brian Forsythe - Kix

Brian Tichy - Whitesnake, Ozzy

Brian Young – Beau Nasty

Chris Van Jaarsveld – Sleeze Beez

Connie Bloom – Electric Boys

Daryll Millar – Killer Dwarfs

David Glen Eisley – Giuffria

Dennis Ogle – Blonz

Brad Divens – Kix

Pat Fontaine – XYZ

Drew Fortier – Bang Tango, Zen From Mars


Tim Gaines – Stryper

Adam Hamilton – L.A. Guns

Joel Hoekstra – Whitesnake

Kim Hooker – Tigertailz, Bare Knuckle Messiahs

Ian Hatton – Bonham

Jay Pepper – Tigertailz

Jizzy Pearl – Love/Hate, L.A. Guns

Joey Allen – Warrant

Joey C. Jones

Kristy Majors – Pretty Boy Floyd

Lanny Gordola – House Of Lords, Giuffria

Mark Kendall – Great White

Max Perenchio – Bad City

Mark Knight – Bang Tango

Nicholas Walsh – Slik Toxik, Famous Underground

Paul Taylor – Winger, Alice Cooper

Paul Laine – Danger Danger, The Defiants

P.J. Farley – Trixter

Bruno Ravel – Danger Danger

Mark Gus Scott – Trixter

Stacey Blades – L.A. Guns – Electric Radio Kings

Steve Blades – Lillian Axe

Ted Poley – Danger Danger, Tokyo Motor Fist

Terry Dunn – Banshee

Tod Howarth – Frehley’s Comet, Loudness, Ted Nugent

Tony Cardenas Montana – Great White, Shadow and the Thrill

Tony Harnell – TNT, Skid Row, Starbreaker

Danny Vaughn – Tyketto, Waysted


Jason McMaster – Dangerous Toys

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