Soundtrack of Our Youth

We are just a week or so away from publishing our Ebook on Kindle. Soundtrack to Our Youth is two years of hard work and is a labor of love written to celebrate and support the amazing musicians who have given us decades of glorious hair metal music to enjoy!!! The book is almost 500 pages long, so there should be a page or two that you will enjoy!!!

Included sections/articles on:


*Ranking the best Hair Metal Books of all time


*Mutt and Desmond


*Dudes Who Deserve More Credit Than They Received


*Top 1,000 songs in History


*Top 350 Album of All Time


*Interviews with more than 50 rock stars


*Year-by-Year breakdown of every year of the hair metal music era. Starting in 1981 and running through 2017.





That’s the question I heard most often from my friends. Why spend thousands of hours listening to old songs from no-hit wonders that flamed out in the 80s? Why interview rock musicians that haven’t had a Billboard hit in 30 years? Why spend years working on this hair metal music project? My only answer was to shrug my shoulders, give a sly smile, and say……because the  music was so good, the musicians were so interesting, and they all deserve to have their stories told and shared.


Today’s rock fans need to know who Joey C. Jones is. The Wild Boyz deserve to be remembered. We all know about Motley Crue and Guns N’ Roses. But what about Junkyard and Tora Tora? There were a hundred great bands that released some really fantastic music without the publicity and fanfare that bands like Bon Jovi and Def Leppard received. And guys like Lanny Cordola and Dennis Ogle deserve to have their stories told.


The “why” started off with a flight on a jet. I browsed through Amazon to try and find a couple books on the hair metal/hair band era to read during my flight. And couldn’t really find anything. So then I tried to update my Ipod so I’d have some new music to listen to on the plane. I’ve heard Ratt’s “Round and Round” a million times so I tried to find a website that would list more than just the same 100 anthems that we’ve all grown accustomed to. And I couldn’t really find anything. Finally, I then tried to find a list of current bands that were trying to keep that hair metal style alive. Once again – I struck out.


So at that point I decided to do something about it. That’s what this book is. It is a true LABOR OF LOVE. This is the music I love, played by the bands I grew up loving. I tried to go deeper than any other books or websites on the subject to give fans like myself a one-stop place where they can get their fill of the wonderful and fantastic music we all grew up loving. The music that was the soundtrack of our youth.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed doing the research.


And for the record – there was a LOT of research. I literally listened to every single album I could find that had any connection to the genre. Starting in 1981 and going through today. Thanks to YouTube, I was able to discover hundreds of bands that I had never even heard of in spite of being a hair metal addict back in the day. It is a safe bet to say that I’ve listened to more hair metal bands than anybody alive. I spent a year just listening to music and watching music videos. I listened to a lot of bands that only released one album back in the late 80s and then disappeared forever. Did I miss some? No doubt. But I did the best I could do!


So, fellow music fans – here it is. My take on the fantastic hair metal and hair band music era. If you love the music as much as I do, then hopefully you’ll find something enjoyable in here. Maybe you’ll discover a new band or a couple new songs that you weren’t aware of.



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