Top 1,000 Songs of All Time

Top 350 Albums of All Time

There are hundreds of top 10 lists. Several top 25 lists. A few top 100 charts. And one top 500 songs - thank you Pastor Matt! His list is awesome, but includes a lot of bands that don't actually fall into the hair metal / sleaze rock / hair band genre - like Van Halen, Wasp, Kiss. So we decided to put together the Ultimate "top" lists.

While the song rankings and cool and fun to read, the main reason of compiling these lists was to hopefully help fans discover songs/albums they might not be familiar with. I've broken it down to the top 650 rock songs and top 350 power ballads. Along with the best 350 overall albums.

Lists ranking songs are always criticized and ripped apart by fans. I know you won’t fully agree with my lists….nobody will agree 100% with it (or with any “best of” list). Your "favorite" song isn't my favorite song. You love or hate bands that I don't love/hate on the same exact scale. I get it.


I really just want you to understand that this isn’t a list of my 1,000 favorite songs and 350 favorite albums. These lists took a good six months to put together. They were constantly being revised and revamped. A couple times I thought I was finished, but then randomly discovered a new band that put out an album in the early 90s that had a really great song it. It was a never ending cycle and in all honesty, I could probably keep doing deep research, discovering more bands, and revising the lists. But at some point I had to stop.


Let me stress this, as people love to trash any list made regarding music. “This list is crap, song X should have been number 27 and where is song Y?” People tend to compare lists to “their” favorite song ranking. These lists are NOT that. These lists aren’t my personal favorite song lists.


I used a bunch of criteria to come up the rankings. Billboard success – how many copies did the album sell, how high did the individual song rank on the charts? How long did the song/album stay ranked? I looked at other charts, like Dial MTV or how the song/album did on Headbanger’s Ball. I looked at rock music critic’s lists. How did Rolling Stone rank the albums? How iconic was the song? How iconic was the album or band? Welcome to the Jungle is played at every major sporting event in the world – that means something. How “good” is the actual song – was it just thrown together to cash in on the popularity of hair bands? Or is the band filled with upper level musicians and the songs were clearly worked on and crafted to perfection?


This list was not just thrown together. I spent hundreds of hours trying to make it as accurate as possible.  I realize there will a band that you don’t personally like, so that will make you say “those guys are so overrated” and you think they are listed too high. If you have strong disagreements with it – based on factual reasons and not just your own personal preference of a band/song – then the really cool thing for you to do? Make your own top 1,000 list and share it with us!!! The more the better. I’m sure I missed a few bands and songs that you might have on your list!!! 


Funny side note. Almost every B, C and D level bands have fans that will tell you how underrated they were and how if their album would have just came out two years earlier, it would have sold as many copies as Hysteria. No exaggeration, I saw those comments hundreds of times while delving into catalogs of the lower level bands. There are a lot of fans that use the descriptions ‘underrated’ and ‘overrated’ instead of saying what they really mean, which is “I just love/dislike this band more than the general rock crowd does.”


I know you won’t agree 100% with them…but I hope you do respect the time and effort that went into me trying to get them as accurate as possible.

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